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This was the first time I fished the DPR since last August, when I caught several tiny pike (like 10-14"?!) below the dam near Palwaukee Airport on fathead minnows.

My dad and I fished under one of the bridges in that area, and he caught a ~28" pike on the first cast. Nothing after that. We were soaking medium-seized suckers from Lee's on steel-leader snell hooks. Sorry, no pic.

Also, I just remembered a decent spot for pike you might want to try. In downtown Des Plaines, there's a run-off pipe on the west side of the river maybe 50 yards downstream of the little dam by the train tracks. I used to park on one of the side-streets off of River Road and then walk over to it. You can fish right over that pipe or navigate through the trees to get to the shoreline area downstream of that dam. When the water is high I think the pike use the flooded timber as ambush points.

There are a bunch of decent spots south of there too. Just park on a side street west of the river and then cross over.
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