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DPR Outing 3/14

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Since it was such a nice day and all the ponds are still frozen over I slipped on down to the DPR. The water is still a bit high but nothing too bad considering the thaw that we've had. With the hour change that we've had the sun isn't gone til about 630ish which provides a bit of time for the nite bite to take effect.

Got on the water and tossed the artificials around with minimal luck. I was just happy to give my arms a work out given that the prior ice fishing techniques limited the motions to say the least.

I worked the area best I could while trying to keep dry. I swear I end up buying a pair of waders every year trying to avoid the leaky leg syndrome. Needless to say Hodgeman should be gearing for a nasty letter.

Anyway, as I was casting I managed this guy on what seemed to be a fairly solid hook set. He put up a good fight, although once landed I noticed that he could have cut the line at any moment. I think I actually had 6 lb test on there which makes me a bit more proud given the other possible outcomes:

I continued on, after retying of course and managed another pike which was somewhat smaller then the first. After the second pike, it made me think that the bite has started for the toothy critters.
Towards the end of the adventure I hooked into an absolute pig. This thing had the drag spinning and the blood flowing....I didn't want to lose this one since I thought I had a nice pike/walleye on the other end. I let him run, loosening the drag while keeping the hook set as solidly as possible. I was played him out on the light line and finally reeled him in only to discover it was a foul hooked carp. As soon as I saw the big red tail I new the outcome. I released that fatty with more relief that I got my lure back then anything else. I was happy to add him to the bounty, but the excitement was displaced on wishful thinking.
Still an exceptional day, in my book, given that it's still early in the season!

See ya on the soft water.

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