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I found a lot of spots using Google Maps. Scroll up and down the river looking for places with parking and a fish-able shoreline. Any bridge or creek is worth checking out.

Dam #2 is between Lake and Central. There's a dam in downtown Des Plaines, a spillway off of Big Bend Lake, and Dam #4 is south of there - I think near Axehead Lake. There is no dam #3 (right?).

I got on a decent bass pattern one summer by accident while fishing for pike. I'd fish above a dam and cast white inline spinnerbaits parallel to the overflow, as close as I could without it going over. The bass would be hiding behind anything that blocked the current flow and strike out at whatever passed by. I think they were preying on fish that were struggling in the current and trying not to go over the dam. The inline spinnerbaits worked well because the current kept the blades spinning and I could keep the lure where I wanted by just barely reeling it in. Other than that, I can't say I've gotten into bass on the DPR.

1. A DNR anti-poaching number should be on your license.
2. A lot of the people park in forest preserves during their lunch breaks and are reading, eating, or just people and nature watching. If I would caution you in any way, it's about going into isolated areas by yourself because of the slim chance of getting robbed.
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