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DPR Report Riverside/ Lyons march 3

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Finally got out to the DPR at about 7Am. Use medium roaches and fished them off the bottom of the river. I fished the Stony Ford Conoe Launch. Didn;t even get a bite. My buddy and i then decided to drive around and look for the dam everyone is talkin about. I thing we found it is it on 39th street or that area. Its called the Hoffman dam. There was one guy fishing there. We couldn't find a place to fish the dam. That got me mad. So we went back to Stony Ford. And fished under the bridge on Joliet Road. Right off of Harlem. Fished there bout an hour or two and still didn't get a bight. Did c a minnow go buy though. (That was the only fish i saw :roll: ) The river was moving fast, tried using lures but they kept getting snagged at the bottom of the river. Did talk to a guy there that said he caught 4 walleyes yesterday under the bridge. I dont know how he did that with how fast the river was moving.


So my question today is, how do u fish the hoffman dam

is it even the damn everyone is talkin about

Why do people keep posting reports on Dam #1 Dam#2 and dam#3
where are they

please get back to me
Dom :?:
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Dam #1 Dam#2 and dam#3
These are from Palwaukee Airport (#1) to Devon in P.R.(#4).
Those pike and walleye should be turning on any day now. Keep at it and you will find success.
FishinMatt said:
Those pike and walleye should be turning on any day now. Keep at it and you will find success.
well i don't understand what lures can i use spinners.
And what kind of live bait rig do u suggest
Have u ever fished stony ford

and my last question how fast does the river move on an average day. Do lures work in fast streams like that.
I would recomend going to the spot that you want to fish, take some pics of the shore, take a few casts to see what the flow is like, then post that data and we might have a better idea what you are working with.
well just to describe it the current was moving fast enough to carry a human down stream. And there isn;t much distance between the 2 shore lines may be 35 to 40yds. I could cast across it. As for cover logs and rocks and big sticks with small patches of weeds. We kept gettin snagged on things. I will definetly take pics of the area im going there this weekend.
today on the river close to home The Water Was 1foot Higher then usual And a Cold Front moved in fishing was TUFF ! But You have to keep getting out there you'll catch them!
You could try weedless jigs. They will help a little with snags. Or if you use plastics keep the hook tip imbeded in the plastic.
Fishinut, I have never fished there but have heard many reports over the years. For the pike, the best bait seems to be floating a roach under a bobber. Spinnerbaits and stickbaits also seem to work well. For the walleye, jig and minnows or stickbaits after dark. Pretty simple recipes, but I think you are just a few weeks early. Give it a few more times and try to learn something new every time you are out. If you put in the hard work, you will eventually be rewarded.
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