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This is delayed, imgur was acting up. Made what is becoming the annual spring pilgrimage up north. Ended up able to fish creeks in three different counties, Grant, Richland, and Vernon. Fair weather, mostly low, clear waters. Bug hatches weren't very intense but definitely happening. The one hatch they seemed to be keyed in on was a small mayfly hatch, I'll group it into olives but I don't think that's exactly what it was. I'll attach a pic of what the mayfly was, for perspective the dot on my hand near the mayfly is about 1mm. They really didn't like size 18 bwo parachutes and that's as small as I want to fish. A thin cdc emerger and a "greased lightning" fooled them if I chose to fish the hatch. Picky eaters occasionally would eat a foam beetle. Otherwise, I saw tan and black caddis, a few march browns, few yellow sallies, few olives, and few sulphurs. Used a foam dry dropper the most. Twitching and skating the hopper dropper really would pick off the last fish in a pool. Something I don't do often. Threw steamer as well. Dead drift swing worked better than erractic strip/rod pulse retrieve. Streamer got the bigger ones, a few decent fish on nymphs too. Got my first driftless rainbow. First two smallmouth too on streamers fishing lower in the water shed looking for big browns.

Small mayfly

March Brown


Yellow Sally

Mayfly nymphs

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