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Dupage East Branch Forest Preserve

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Hit Rush Lake yesterday for a quick lunch time. Worked the NE side of the lake and got skunked. Saw alot of fry, big carp and bluegills swimming around. Couldn't see any bass on the beds (water is murky). Was working senkos and an orange buzzbait with no luck.
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I fish east branch a lot. would you say that the fishing has slowed these past 4 years? I was out there on th 11th and me and a buddy scored two bass.
Yes, East Branch used to be a nice place to fish but it's recentlyslowed down. Not sure if it's due to buckets or just an occurrence.
dnr killed all the weeds in this lake in 05. before then we where on an average of 16" fish everytime. when the weed kill happened not only did it lower the oxygen level that year but also allowed for more anglers who didn't know how to fish weeds to come in. I report any buckets I have seen take undersize fish. and its not just buckets either. I give no warnings, no kicking there bucket over. I just call the ranger and they always respond in dupage. makes for a very expensive fillet cut. the creel there is 1 bass 18". last year I caught one keeper. the weeds are starting to come up agian but i think they will treat it and kill what little there are left.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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