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You can buy a worm shocker at for about $50.

I wouldn't at all recommend it's dangerous and shortens the liveliness and life span of your worms....potentially your own lifespan as well.

I've heard of guys making their own with a hand crank generator like on some flashlights... which will be a lot safer than anything you plug into a 110v outlet.

Personally I think you'd be better off with a large wet piece of cardboard left on the ground for a few days.

Anybody ever try "worm calling" methods? I was reading where you can make worms appear by creating vibrations on the ground...bouncing a heavy object like a sledgehammer...not pounding or swinging it mind you..just merely tamping it around to create disturbance is supposed to trick them (worms) into thinking a thunderstorm or predator like a mole is approaching. Another way was to make some notches in a large stick like a broom handle and stick it in the ground..then rub another stick along the notches...worms are supposed to appear within a few minutes to a half hour.

I suppose it would be dependent upon the population density of worms in the soil you are "calling" from..if it even works at all.

Hope this helps!=)
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