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Elgin Outboard

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Hey, figure this thread is the place for this: Just got an old Elgin 12hp Outboard to possibly replace my new 5hp 4-stroke. Got the Elgin to run today, first time in a year and a half for it, prev. owner smoked it (I think thats what you call it) for winter last fall. The manual states a fuel/oil ratio of one half pint oil per gallon, which is a 16:1 mix. Man does it smoke! I know that 2-strokes smoke a bit, especially older ones. My question is how bad is bad and what can be done about it if anything? I have used the fuel that came with it but will put fresh gas and oil in the tank before running it again.
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Too much oil will not harm it ,but too little oil will ruin it !

i know it seems like alot of smoke but when ur cruisin it`ll dissipate, so dont worry.

where do u use ur motor at ?
We've used the 5hp everywhere, but mostly up northern wisconsin. I do a lot of trolling with it which is why I got a 4-stroke and also why I didn't push to get a higher hp. But when we do go to rivers and bigger lakes (350+ acres) it would be nice to have a little more speed. But I'm not sure I will be happy with anything but a 4-stroke 'cause power is not the issue for me as much as noise, smoothness and smoke/smell. So I'm not sure will be keeping her, though after a very little bit of tinkering she has started running pretty smooth and strong, just smokey! But thanks, I was wondering if that much was normal and if I could thin the mix to help.

Anyone lookin for an old elgin 12hp? :D
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