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going out to fabyan in the morning if anyone wants to meet up! sick of the batavia dam I cant catch a cold there, five hours there yesterday and alls I caught was a 3" large mouth.... and didnt even catch it in the dam had to go over to the river walk to even get a bite
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South of Wilson St. by island park has some nice water or north to Geneva or STC. Unless you're fishing for cats and carp Windmill park doesn't seem like prime habitat for game fish. just my two cents
south of wilson huh? wheres a parking lot over there?
There is one off of Rte 25 by the SK8 park and on the west side it's by the crap plant. I don't remember the street name instead of heading north to hit the Dam by the P.D. you head south to the lot and Island park. This section can be good esp. if you wade but there is plenty of shore access as well. I have had some excellent days for both quantity and quality. It has several gravel bars that drop off into pools. Good luck.
If you want to head just a little further south behind Funway (if that is still there?) there is another good spot where they took out a dam. Less pressure and some nice fish. Water should be fine to wade but becareful behind Funway some deep holes in that section. I park at the quarry swimming pool and walk down on the westside. It's a little bit of a hike though. The long gravel flat leading up to the dam usually produces a eye or two fan casting stick baits. Maybe I should check up on that spot.
yea funway is still there and thanks I think I will check it out tomo
hey hoffman any good lakes in dekalb or sycamore? gonna be out there all week next week... I know theres a nice lake at 39 and 88 but thats the only one I can remember
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