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Fall Bite

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What are you guys doing differently as the water cools and eventually turns over?


Today the plan was hit the Dupe near Shorewood then Gander at lunchtime.
Work kept me close so driving down I-55 was not an option.

Headed instead to a lake I frequent for lunchtime bass.

Jig bite was dead so i switched to a dropshot Gulp worm.
Water did have a deeper tannic stain than last week.
The dropshot worm fished a little farther out produced a bunch of hits and a few fish.

Day was no different than the last time here when
they were chasing a tube/spider jig from 0-5ft deep.


The bite told me to switch over.

What are you guys seeing different farther North?

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Nothing different yet for me :)
Whats the water temp?
Fall is probably my least favorite season, but it does have its perks. People talk about "the feedbag" being put on for winter, and in many cases it is true. I find the windows of activity being shorter in the Fall, with most gamefish going after bigger baits. This is the time of the year where I start catching 4 and 5 pound bass while I am throwing for pike or musky. For strictly bass, the plastic bite still seems to be on, although they are harder to target. The fish spread out some and I never really get on a sweet spot, but find different groups of fish throughout the lake. I would imagine this is related to turnover. For creek or river smallies, I like to use rooster tails or small Mepps in the Fall. When you find an actice window they really hammer them.

Here is a Fall bass from last year that hammered a Super Shad Rap
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Tossed a chugbug in the drizzle the otherday.

Nothing changed, they smacked it like it was a June afternoon.

But they were in much closer than I thought.

Few spots I know held fish took a few extra casts.

Not the first reaction bite.

Soon It will time to toss the "chrome chugger"..

My ultimate fall bait.
Cast right out to the middle and worked as wild as possible back to shore.

fishon-fishon-fishon..... :D
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