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Well i realized i have been doing way to much posting on other threads and not making my own! so heres a change.

Week or so ago report:
Went out in the morning and started with my DT-3 shad sureset hook. boom right away dink.

afterwardssssss i started moving and not catching anything. kept trying different baits then i found out this guy still wanted my dt-3 about 2.5lbs

that would be it for that day. it was COLD!

few days later it was like our last warmer day. so my crazy ass trys a flickshake and sure enough it still works in the fall!

boom off the rocks about a 3lber.

Unfortunatly that would be it for the day. bye bye warmer weather.

TODAY: 11/11/08

veterans day school off. got out from 730-930am and ah it was cold. First hour with a rat l trap and crank nothing. annoying. could not figure them out. then of course i switched to my black and blue 1/2 ounce jig with a yum crawbug trailer that seemed to be the ticked. I went 3 for 5.

First bass about 15inches

i missed the next bass in the same area. it popped me twice and i was so pissed!

Next shot at a bass, another miss! this was heavy! i was so mad at myself i just couldnt reel in the slack fast enough and set the hook on the fish.

Next shot. same area i just missed it but deff. a different fish. Nice bass though about 16inches

That was it for round one.

Round two: 140-210 PM

found a random log off the distance that i just knew would hold a fish. I jig n pig it from behind and it NAILED me behing the log. I let the fish run with slack until it got a bit away from the log and BOOM! HOOK SET! fish on.

about a 3 and a half! =]

...dang that bass looks to be a 5lber! my bad

And that would be if for round two.
Man i love my backyard!
Until next time,
good luck guys and good fishing!
-creighton :D

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Nice Bass!!!

I have gotten kicked out of the Golf Course side... That's during the summer though. :wink:


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Those are some sweet fish...the last one is a slob. Nice to see the artificials are still working for ya! Thanks for were due. :D
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