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So I recently visited North Carolina to visit relatives. I tried fishing at a lake called Jordan lake, and only ended up with a bunch of gills, and a few small white bass. After searching for kayak rental, I found a place called Falls lake which had some great scenery and good fishing.

I ended up renting from a place called Paddle Creek right near Falls lake. I rented a 14' yellow perception lake kayak(not pictured) for around 50 I think, for more tha 24 hours. It included the paddles, life jackets, straps, and foam blocks necessary to transport it in any car. I rented from a man named Vance. The service was fantastic-I wish we had places like that in IL. I give them an A+ rating. Great place and I recommend it to anyone looking to rent.

Falls lake was amazing. Clear water, clean beaches, few people. One of the best lakes I've ever been on in my life. I strapped my rod to my kayak and trolled different crank for a few hours. I ended up catching at least 20 nice white bass, and 6 nice largemouths in addition to the few dinks. It was a great day (compared to what I see in IL). I only have one picture from the end of the day because we didn't take any cameras on the water (which was a good idea because I flipped my kayak once). If I ever go back to the area, I'm definitely hitting this lake again.

I also just got back from doing some primitive camping in Asheville in the Pisgah National Forest. We were right next to a stream, and if I had seen any trout or known anything about fly fishing, I would have given it a try, but it was mostly just camping. We did encounter a bear sniffing our tent in the middle of the night. Here's our campsite- right next to a stream, with no other sign of man nearby.

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