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Favorite Fish?

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Whats your favorite fish to catch?
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What is your favorite fish to catch and why?

Mine would be Walleye, I think mainly because they are so hard to catch for me. Even though they get a bad rap about their fighting ability, I think that they are notorious head shakers and quite elusive. They also look pretty cool. LOL! I get the most excited almost childlike when I catch one. :D I am not saying that I dont get pumped when I catch another species but eyes seem to get me all goofy.

BTW: Pike are climbing fast on the chart :D

I also put this in the wrong spot s/b in general discussion
MrB, I'm surprised that it's still walleye after than nice northern that you caught yesterday! Mine is definitely a smallmouth. :D
Smallmouth for their stamina and fighting ability
This thanksgiving day... I am thankful for largemouth bass :D lol

I've only caught 1-2 smallmouths in my life so I can't really compare... but

largemouths are aggressive, can be caught in most ponds/lakes all around us, fight like horses for the most part, and are found in all sorts of habitat/cover/structure requiring us fishermen to buy lots of lures and gear lol :lol:
Smallies And Largemouth
depends on what time of year.......... open water Catfish...hard water Pike

Hands down...sailfish. I've only caught 3, but they are the best fighting fish that I've ever caught. Nothing can compare to having a 110 lb. fish jumping straight up in the air at the end of your line. The fight is guaranteed to last at least 15 minutes and it feels like forever. I was strapped down to a fighting chair and could hardly turn the reel. Number 2 would have to be yellowfin tuna, just because of the way they run. A 15 lb. tuna feels like the sailffish. You reel it in and once you get it to the boat, it shoots straight down...awesome. And a close number 3 would have to be roosterfish, because they are hard to catch. You have to drift the boat parallel to the beach, only about 20 feet away and cast live bait (the live bait is a fish like 10 inches long). Then you just sit there, with your rod in hand and wait. Once it takes the line, you have to wait 7 seconds, because it is almost impossible to hook them in the mouth, so you have to wait until they swallow the bait. They are also one of the coolest looking fish I've ever seen. And as for freshwater, nothing can compare to getting steelhead on crappie jigs with a UL rod.
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whatever I got!

i am excited in every fish hooked.
I'd have to go with largemouth bass for many of the reasons krnfishboy mentions.
stocked trout! cause my ass has been crowned! :wink: :lol:
Obviously Matt has not voted, otherwise I wouldn't be the only sane one in this poll! Though I've never caught a decent size smallie, how can you beat a good size northern pike except maybe a walleye?!?! Yeah LMB are plentiful and fun, but the strike of a pike can't be beat, 'ceptin' by a Musky :D

Why Northern Pike:
1. they feed all day, unlike walleye and LMB who are anal...
2. they strike like a beast...
3. they get BIG!!!
4. you can troll for them with good results...
5. they are nearly as much fun as Musky, but much more plentiful...

Oh, Bowfin (Dogfish) would be #2 for me, I think. Get a big dog on and that might be more fun than a pike, maybe even a musky? Naw...but very fun!
I had all the reasons I like pike written up but unfortunatly Microsoft had a critical error and shut down on me :roll:

Basically I like big pike. Snakes I can do w/o. Anything over 30'' gets me excited. I also agree with MrB about the eyes. I really like the fact that you can't really sight fish them. When you start catching them you know you have done your homework and that makes it a little more satisfying. Crappie also get an honorable mention from me. I will take 12''+ slabs over just about anything :wink:
Hey good topic Mr. B! I would have to agree with some of the others and say that pike are my favorite to catch. I love casting spoons and rattle-traps and watching the fish follow the lure all the way to the boat. Pike are crazy also; once they bite down on something they won't let go until they have swallowed it.

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Islandfisher, that's a cool picture. Did you take it?
No I wish I could say I did though. When I have a pike close to the boat in that condition I usually reach for the net before the camera. Although next time that kind of thing happens to me I might try to snap a quick shot! :D
i was wondering...wheres the musky poll. we don't have very many muskyheads here on wcf do we. :roll:
Augy said:
i was wondering...wheres the musky poll. we don't have very many muskyheads here on wcf do we. :roll:
my bad! :oops:
Well, TJP is a musky nut, but he has been MIA since August. Next time I see him I will have to yell at him :p
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