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favorite fishing reel?

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for under a 100 bucks... ive got a few extra bucks to spend from christmas and i was wondering what do you think is the best buy for under a 100. ive seen excelent reveiws from the shimano symetre but i used one all last year and the bail is starting to give out on me. any ideas? i was thinking a daiwa or something?
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shimano sahara. or get into baitcasters.
><)))°> kid14 said:
ive seen excelent reveiws from the shimano symetre but i used one all last year and the bail is starting to give out on me. any ideas?
Good stuff!! The bail on mine broke in two separate spots in November and it wasn't even used 100 times between 2004-2007!!! :D

In all seriousness, check out the Quantum Kinetic's ($80), and if you can spare an extra $10, get a Catalyst ($100-110)... These will last you the longest than all the aforementioned reels in the same price range. I know that for a fact already, but I won't force anyone to buy them.
Don`t waste ur money on a reel under a $100
Ditto on what Culprit said!
Personally, I agree with Culprit and Toothdoc.

I realize everyone has a budget, but you may want to consider spending a few bucks and get a Shimano Stradic 1000 Fi. I recently got one on ebay for about $125 (brand new). This price is based on an ebay auction, so it usually retails around $159 or so. I find them to be good reels.

Good luck and let us know what you end up buying.
hey man, don't knock the cheap stuff. i won a round of wctt on a $5 rod and $15 reel and it's till going strong! :mrgreen:
One thought ::: Since when is a spinning reel between $60-100 considered to be cheap? :? :shock:
I just got a shimano curado. it lists for $199, they have a $50 rebate and I used a $20 cabela's coupon. That puts it at $129 and I had acouple of extra Xmas funny money in my pocket, so it turned out pretty nice.

I also treated myself to a shimano compre to match up the new reel.

I'm jones'in to get this combo out to the water.
Congrats on the new Curado horn! That is a great price on that reel. 8)
Horn I have one of the Shimano Compre rods and I love it. Probably my favorite....nice!
That sure is a great deal for that reel :)
Andrew_R said:
One thought ::: Since when is a spinning reel between $60-100 considered to be cheap? :? :shock:
I agree. :) I really like what Augy said earlier. :lol: My thought is get whatever you want and feel is best for you. :idea: Read up on a few product reviews and make up your own mind. :idea: Good luck, I hope you find a reel that you will enjoy. :wink: :)
Well, no offense to all you Shimano lovers, but all of the models under the $100 price range is all over-priced by at least $20 when looking at the components and gears. Just compare it to the other brands :lol:
I think Philosopher in Meditation said it best, get the reel that feels best for you. I am not sure we ever implied that reels below $100 is "cheap". But, I can tell you that the Shimano reels that are typically over $100 don't have bails that give out so fast. I've been using Shimano products since the 80's, and I can tell you they are quality reels. Individual use and maintenance are always the wild card.
I will sell you my sahara, has less than half a season on it. let me know if you are interested.
If you're going for a spinning reel, I really love my Pflueger President reels....I have three of them in the 6725, 6730, and 6735 sizes, and they go for about 60 to 70 bucks retail. I'm really smitten with this seems like the perfect price/performance ratio. It feels sturdy and it's smooth, with a great drag and anti-reverse gear.

I also own a Pflueger Supreme in the 35 size, that's around $100. It's honestly quite similar to the president, but with a magnesium body so it's quite a bit lighter. It's uncanny how hard the metal is considering the light weight.

I'd be curious to hear if anyone else out there in WCF land is using Pfluegers, and what they think.

I have to second the nomination on the Shimano Compre rods. I don't own one, but that's only because my brother is a rod-maker and made me a rod based on the Compre design with a St. Croix blank. It's heavenly. If I didn't have my brother to do custom jobbers, those are the spinning rods I'd be buying.

I have a Pflueger President 6725 spinning reel and like it a lot. I believe that they go for $59.99 and in that price range it is a good reel. I also have a BPS spinning reel that is made by Pflueger and I like it as well. As far as baitcasters go, I have a Trion baitcaster, that sells for $100. I just had to send it in to get fixed because it was making a grinding noise. The only problem with Pfluegers is that you have to send them into Pflueger for repairs. :x
I'd definitely go in for a Pflueger President if I needed a new reel for the walleye fishing.. For what I do (casting cranks), it would be perfect.
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