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Feb thoughts

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If you've wanted to try Opeka but didn't want to spend the big bucks ($15) to get a pin, try to get out there after the ice is out but before the golf course opens. you won't get hasseled for a pin and should be able to fish near the clubhouse, along the north end and the south end, all good spots for bass and carp and even the stray pike or two.
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Thanks for the tip. I may need to try Opeka this year. It looks like you had a lot of success there last year.
Hey topwater, have you ever fished from a boat at Lake Opeka? I would imagine all those sail boats would get in the way.
Topwater said:
If you've wanted to try Opeka NOT spend the ($15) for a pin
3 packs of senkos for a years fishing ...give up a few bucks and fish
and enjoy.. :roll: Get a fishing your fees and the game with a clear head. Good karma will catch fish as Augy found out at the WWD...they do check :lol: Alawys nice to show that winning ticket to "The Man"
'tis true 'bout playing by the rules. YEs, I went out there on a boat many times last year and had a good time, the sail boats usually do not bother you. unless they have a ragatta, then some of them a pricks, but I have a 15' deep 'v' this year, so i could care less. but boating costs another $40, which makes it less of a deal. but again, may-early july last season was hoping with LMB, and so close to home....don't know if i'll pay the launch fee this year, but will the pin.
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