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Finally! Axehead trout 4.14.06

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Got there bright and early. More like dark and early. Anyway, got there around 5:30ish and limited out by 7am. 9-12 inch. Fished at the south point. 4 on powerbait and 1 from minnow and fly out towards the middle of the lake. Powerbait was 2 feet off bottom and close to shore. Around 6:15 some sort of feeding frenzy was taking place right in front of me. Hundreds of baitfish were right on the surface and jumping trout, gills, and bass all over the place. It lasted about 30 minutes. Caught many gills during the frenzy but no trout.

Something else that might get some excited. Got me all excited. Saw schools of perch swimming around. Even better, saw 4 HUGE bass. All were close to 20 inches maybe bigger. I swear I was betting a boner. Couldn't rig fast enough to get on em.

Anyway, looks like the bite is turning on and earlier the better. But then again, nobody else around me was catching anything but gills.

Note: The parking lots are opening up earlier than usual. When I got there at 5:30 ish few cars were already in the lot and people with lines out. Maybe they are trying to make up for the screw up.
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anybody up for axehead tommorrow then if that is better fishing then belleau..
Way to go, Augy! I'm pretty fed up with the CCFP trout and am not sure if I'll try for them again anytime soon. But I'm glad to hear that somebody on WCF finally limited out :)
I'll be there 5am. If lot is not open I'll be parked along River Rd just north of the River Rd entrance. I'll be on the south point cubsfan. Red and white hat with beige fishing vest.

Bravesfan, you should give it another go. I believe they have turned on a bit being fully acclimated. Just get there early and your chances of catching these finicky trout go way up.
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