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Had a dismal week of fishing (absolutely horrible) so I thought I'd go fishing today to close it out and to call it a crappy week before I head up north for 4-5 days to rejuvinate myself and to finally play with the new boat.

Might as well give an actual report for the first time in a while.... I still go fishing at least an hour each day but no time to report with small part time job, web projects, and being a summer intern with school.

In 90-minutes of angling and some quick hopping at my "high percentage" spots I finally managed Walleye #1 of season and it turned out to be a 26-27" fish, really close to beating my PB fish from here set in each of the three previous years at 25-26".

Sorry, I had to be kinda "ghey" with this because I couldn't show the visible landmark that was in the background.

Bang some cranks off the rocks and it's showtime..... I think, at least.

Thank God I had a day off today otherwise this wouldn't have happened and I would have been further sulking in fishing depression.

With the weather and water temps appearing to finally stabilize this spring the fishing can only get better for next week and the following. What's also helping is the fact that the baitfish are finally coming out to play - first time all friggin' spring!

The end of this week was decent, however. In what limited time I've had for fishing each day, I've had the pleasure of catching some large LM and SM Bass for this place, and even a Pike thrown into the mix. Obviously signs of some good things to come.

After the quick photos and release of the fish pictured above, baitfish were getting snagged on my crank's trebles so it's no wonder why this large lady and possibly others were in the area today.

Less than 5-minutes from the front door and what more could I ask for!?!

Good fishing.
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