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I would of never imagined landing my first Illinois walleye from the local pond in my subdivision that doesn't even have a name. For the last 3 years I fished the Fox from Algonquin to Montgomery with no luck catching an "EYE"! So, last night night right before sunset I walked across my neighbors' yard to try to catch a bass. Well, first cast produced a dink largemouth. However, couple of casts later, I landed my first walleye. Two casts later - a black crappie. Then immediately afterwards, I landed an even larger walleye. As the sunset, the bite disappeared. Unfortunately, I can't give you the location because my HOA dues will go up once this information is made public. I fished this pond a few times during the last two springs and never dreamed of hooking a walleye. I basically only fish there to try to learn how to cast my fly rod.


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Kind of amazed fishing is allowed there, our subdivision ponds say, in most threatening terms, "do not even try to approach".
Ours restriction is for residents only that have a special fishing license for our subdivision. It is strictly catch and release. There are even 4 "fish wardens" that have those golf carts that patrol the ponds.
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