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Mike's post motivated me to throw something up here for yesterdays bite as well. After getting through some errands and rigging a few rods, I made it to my favorite early season pond by about 2pm.

Right as I arrived a thick batch of clouds came in hiding the sun. Subsequently the temp dropped about 3 degrees and the real feel had to have dropped significantly. I knew I had missed the most active bite of the day, but I was just relaxing anyways, throwing mostly for crappie.

I used a rocket bobber to get my jig and plastic as far out as I can get it at this pond as it is very shallow. The wind was blowing directly into a corner that also pumps water into the pond. Easy choice on where to fish, and also the only place I could find any action. Lots of action but nothing huge. About 5 crappie in the 10-12 inch range and many smaller male bass. One female in the 3 lb range. Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts