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First time at Lagoons

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Im new to the area and haven't fished the goons yet. Plan on goin out there sometime next week and tryin it out. Does anyone have any spots theyd recommend?? I drove past the dam a few times. Is the fishing any good there? Im targeting largemouth and pike..
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The goons is such a large body of water that there isn't any one great spot there. The crowds seem to congregate near the dams and bridges so I'm sure you could find plenty of panfish, carp and cats there. If your looking for bass your best bet is to explore. The place is so big that you should be able to hike around and find a spot that you can have all to yourself.

Good luck out there. make sure to write a report to tell us about your results: good or bad.
The birthday boy nailed this one right on the head!!

Easy parking and dams and bridges = more pressure!

I've done my best walking around. Just put on a pair of boots and take a hike! You will be rewarded
Thanks a lot guys. Ive seen people fishin from the dam quite a bit but im not tryin to catch carp or cats.. I read in an other post that the pike arent too big in the goons. hopefully it holds some decent sized bass??
The skokie lagoon is truely diverse and so many good spots to check out you cant name them all. I canoe while fishing but before I had my canoe I used to fish along side of tower road. There are so many nice spots. Only real prob is all the garbage on the shore line. Shows what kind of lives they live based on how they litter. Dirty bums!!
I tend to do better away from the crowds...

wait for it to warm up a little bit...and just walk and pitch jignpigs at all the will get a few.

I think the lagoons are a gem! :D

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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