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First of all welcome to the WCF site! We anxiously look forward to your reports. I would like to try for perch this winter.
washhusky101 said:
Stay tuned to find out as me and OBX Fisherman and JohnN also know as the " Dysfunctional Feeshing team" will post our findings.
you guys should fit right in!! :mrgreen:
Yep, still waiting for Navy Pier to start popping.
West winds are needed.
Dinkers are fun, but soon the bigger ones will be in there close..

Whats up guys. Thanks for wandering over. I think you will like WCF.
The fish are in. Got the news a couple day ago. Hot spots have been Montrose and Belmont, with the bigger fish at Belmont. As always, winter seems to have smaller perch and you have to sort through fish to get the jumbos. But, they are out there.
Thanks for letting us know Phil. We might have to have a WCF perch outing!
From Dale Bowman of the Suntimes:
Lets see some reports and pics!

BEST BET: Chicago lakefront perch: They arrived over the weekend,
particularly at Montrose and Navy Pier. On Tuesday, the hot spot
was Belmont, according to Henry's. The best method has been slow
retrieving or dragging a minnow along the bottom; but spikes and small
jigs also will work. Key is having enough weight to find and feel the
bottom. It's the usual winter fishery; finding keepers takes sorting
through smaller perch, but there has been some jumbos caught, too.
there ya go sean, your night fishing opportunity! :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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