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Hey WCF,
well I'm back in the "windycity"-area for thanksgivin break,
I was planning on fishin tomorrow for an hour or two, possibly at Anetsberger Pond (my child-hood fish hole that toothdoc mentioned a little while ago). If not there, maybe... uh, oh gosh no... not Beck... lol

Post up if you want to meet up maybe, I'm not exactly sure what time I'd be heading out... maybe sometime around noon? :D

*On a side note, I just went to Dick's...
-First off, 50% off the lowest price on all clearance marked items (sorry guys, I bought the rest of the fat free shad and other excalibur crankbaits and spit'n'images) -- I left you the rainbow colored ones, lol
-All-Star Select Rods are $50 bucks instead of $60. These are some nice rods for a good price... might pick one up

Good fishin!
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Welcome home Tim! A bunch of us plan to go to the Busse WWD to fish tomorrow morning. We're meeting at Lee's bait store on the corner of Arlington Hts. Rd. and Higgins at 9 am. Feel free to join us and show up all of the tricks you learned at Bass Fishing U!
Aw man, yeah I won't be able to make it -- I think I only have an hr or two to fish max. Hopefully get to see you guys out on the water soon though, good luck guys!
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