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Fishing along I-30?

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I've traded messages with Fishin Matt about shabbona but wondering there are any other local lakes near I-30 (DeKalb, Dixon, Big Rock, Sugar Grove areas) that are worth fishing on a Sunday afternoon. I'm taking my wife out to meet her mom in Dixon and will be 'deheading' back. :)
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Looks like you're not going to be too far from the Fox River. Could be a great weekend to get on some smallmouth bass.
I'll have to go there some other time. The weather was so crappy Sunday and the Bears were nearly on by the time I got home that I didn't even bother fishing. But how about them Bears!
If you get out that way again there is the Kane County Forest Preserve on Jericho Rd. near Sugar Grove. There is also a lake near the crossing of 39 and 88 called Lake Sule or something of that nature. I have never been there but hear it is good. Speaking of Shabbona, I might head out later today if the rain is not too bad.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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