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Fishing and the Winter Months

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The cold weather and winter months are getting here faster and faster. We just lost an hour of daylight (I HATE THAT), and the beautiful warm summer memories at Busse Lake, the Fox River, and Local Fishing Hole USA are now seemingly becoming barren with the summer greens becoming the winter grays.



That's right. Why stop? There's open water to fish year-round at many places - Northshore Channel of the Chicago River, Busse warm water discharge (where I caught 70 bass in December of 1998), Mazonia, and various river dams. And come on… ice fishing is fun. Think of this… a few of get together every other weekend or so and drill a bunch of holes through the ice at Busse, Beck, Axehead, etc. and have a GOOD TIME!

Plus… we have the fishing shows coming up in January at Arlington and Rosemont (WCF at the Arlington show? Looks like it!)

I say all this because I get pissed when winter comes along and "takes away" my favorite hobby little by little. At least now I'll have more time to work on this site and make it one of the best fishing sites on all the internet.

The days may get shorter, the water may get harder, and the air may get colder… but the fishing ain't gonna stop!

My point is this - some people do drugs to get through life… Fishing is MY drug. Anyone wanna hit?
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i'll take a hit, but i might need a shot of brandy to go with the ice fishing :lol: say have you ever tried power lines at lm i think of it as kinda ice fishing without the ice and drilling... bundle up for safety...
Hey man, the cops are outside :shock:

Ah yes, the winter blues. Now that I am addicted to fishing and it's getting dark at what seems like noon I am not so happy about what used to be my favorite season, autumn. But, we are also that much closer to my next trip north so that's a good thing!
Hey Guys,, with the winter months upon us and your still using your boat (like me !!) don't neglect your baby ,, keep the fuel tanks full to prevent condensation from forming , add stabil to the tank , keep your batteries charged or on a trickle charger , Check your wheel bearings and keep the tires at the recommened tire pressure. after you launch your boat and if you have carpeted bunks , try spraying the bunks with WD40 , this will help launch and trailer the boat alot easier and it kinda prevents the bunks from freezing. wipe the trolling motor shaft with those armarol wipes , this will let you deploy the motor with ease .After you get the boat back on the trailer , lower your engines to let the water drain out.
Becareful around the ramp , keep a bag of sand in your vehicle ," just incase"!! watch your footing on the ramp and on the docks , they get icy and you don'y want to go for a "cool" swim !!!
Becareful out there ,,stay safe , catch fish !!!
Tight lines ,,~~T
Ahh, the winter months. I have not been out in a few weeks and I feel like I am in withdrawel. I'm shaking more then a junkie we busted Saturday night with a pocket full of needles and a bag of dope (interesting story :shock: )
That is good advice T. I need to stop by the boat and give it some TLC before winter. I know I still have some water in the lower unit :shock: I just didn't think my last time out would actually be my LAST time out!!! T, do you think it is absolutely necassary to fog? I do not know how to do it :oops: I was planning on taking the batteries out, greasing the hubs, making sure the lower unit is completely drained :wink: and calling it a year. I am totally new at this. The boat will be stored outside and covered well.

hey Matt i don't have a boat but if i were you i'd get that water out asap, if it freezes it will cause serious damage, if it can crack or distort a cast iron block imagine what can happen to aluminum! :shock:
Hey Matt , fogging is cheap insurance , It most likely will foul your plugs next spring so don't put new ones in yet. Get some stabil in the fuel tank , run the engine to ge the fuel with the stabil in the carbs or injectors. ,, fill your tank up. Mennards carries fooging oil/spray by penzoil. Just take out the plugs one at a time and spray some fogger in each cylinder , your done !!! if y ou can spray some in the carbs when the engine is running and then shut it down right away,,thats even better. Just remember,, the more time you take to put your baby to sleep for it long winters nap , the happier it will be be when you wake it up next spring !!
We have to do this even more these day because of all that formulated crap the mix into the fuel now. I keep stabil in my tank all year round and a few time a year I run a bottle of lucas fuel system cleaner through it. ... ~~~T
Thanks for the advice guys. I am going to check out the boat tommorrow morning and make sure all the water is out of the lower unit. Don't know how much time I will have, but a boat mechanic owes my brother-in-law a favor and my brother-in-law owes me a favor so we will see how that goes :wink:
hmm... I thought everyone fished as much as i do now in the winter (all winter) .. Guess its just me... he..he..

Your missing out..

No worries though I'll provide you with entertainment all winter !!!

Perch Guy
Chicago Illinois

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