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Fishing Report 10/3/06

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Hit the mighty twin for old times sake. Tossed medium shinners freelined. Picked up about a dozen LMB ranging in size from 6-12 inches. The hot spot seemed to be under the boat dock. All fish were close to shore. Great to hit the old fishin hole again.
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Not bad. Where ya been?
Nice job Will. I have some large fatheads that I have left over and I'm looking to use them this weekend. How should I fish for bass there with the fatheads? Can I use a bobber? Thanks.
yeah man, where the hell have ya been? did ya drop your phone in the lake again?
I've been busy moving. Back in chicago area again. I personally would free line the minnows, I don't have much luck with bobbers but it may help as fatheads usually dive for the bottom and hide under a rock, if you find that happening then pull out the bobber. I would also reccomend moving often, the bass seem to be staying put. You need to find em.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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