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Fishing Report: 10/8/05

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Worked Beck Lake from 12:45pm-3:45pm. NNE winds 15-20mph, mostly cloudy, temps in the lower 50's. Threw everything at 'em. Nothing. :x

My buddy picked up an 18" largemouth bass on a Senko near the parking lot. Another angler picked up a 17" largemouth bass on a nightcrawler. And a boater picked up 2 bass.

Certainly not ideal fishing weather with the northeast wind.
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What is the science behind the winds and fish activity?
"When the wind is from the east, the fish wil bite the least. When the wind is from the west, the fishing is the best". Or something like that.

Really, an east wind is often the result of a high pressure cold front upon the area. This generally shuts the fish down.

A falling barometer usually just before a cold front approaches is "supposed" to be the best time to fish as the fish are the most active during this time.
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