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Fishing Report: 10/9/05

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Well, all I have to say is that it it better to spend a lovely afternoon in the outdoors after a Bears loss than sitting around the house. Although I had just about the same chances of catching a fish at home. :?

Fished from 4pm-6pm. Walked around the whole lake casting spinnerbaits and small crankbaits. Has something pop at the spinner close to shore but that was it. One angler in the southeast corner had a few crappie, bluegill, and a 17" bass all on small worms.

Spoke to a few other anglers who also were skunked.

Temps in the upper 50's, mostly sunny, east winds 20mph - diminishing.
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What's the saying - "Wind from the east, the biting's the least; wind from the west, biting's the best"? We're proving it at Beck. I didn't make it today though it was a beautiful one out. I followed the advice of the above saying and stayed at home. I have the week off and plan on getting over there to try out a few new spinners and some more lindy riggin'.

Doesn't this smiley look like a fish?
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