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Fishing report 7-24-2006

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Temp in the 80's WINDY, fished 6:30 to 8:40pm

Windy( it was. I had check the weather and the wind was forcaste to drop off to 8 mph but when I got to Axehaead is was blowing pretty good.

Decided to head to the south end where the wind seemded to slow.
South end was still as could be :) tried a slug-go for a while no luck. When to the ole stand by... jitterbug. 2 hits 2 looses :-( Decide to head over to the west side and changed to a buzz bait. no luck ..well some luck. While reeling in the last few feet a huge bull frog flew out and took the bait.

So zero fish , 2 misses, 1 frog :shock: .

Fished the west side and got a big bite on a senko chopped the worm right in half. After 1 more miss by the bridge the cops came and kicked everyone out for the night
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becareful with them preserve cops! they'll write you a parking ticket if your not out of there at sunset. twice at beck the jackoff wrote me up as i was walking up to my car.

it's extremely irritating when they come around and sit on their asses all day long in their vehicle and not do a damn thing about poachers, people leaving trash around, and other illegal activites. but suuuure, when it's time to close up shop they get right on everyones ass.

no wonder these departments are seeing cutback after cutback.

sorry for the vent!!! that fishing line and geese thing really stirred up some emotions. deflated...feel better.
As for the Cops so far so good.... They flash the squad lights then get on the loud speaker. As long as your moving to your car it's been fine. I was the last car b/c I was on the far side of the lake running one night. now I time it so i am much closer to my car at closing time.

Thanks for the heads up
This is why I think the FP's should be always open. Who cares if someone stays fishing until three in the morning? Or backing into a spot at 2am? This is perhaps the biggest advantage of Wisconsin fishing over Illinois FP's, the lakes up there are always open.

The geese, yeah I say one caught last year at Beck but me and the wife were in a canoe and too green at it to help. Thankfully another couple of anglers did help it free before it lost a leg or worse. I hate seeing wildlife suffer because of human selfishness.
yeah it sure is sad seeing those guys with one leg i feel bad for them when stuff like that happens but the bug the crap outa me when i'm fishing i think i'm gonna bring my border collie out there to keep them at bay
I hate the geese. as a kid (9 years old)one day I was fishing and was nice to the geese walked as far around them as I could and one decided it was not far enough and chased me about 30 feet (seemed a lot longer than that ) I still get a funny feeling when tring to get around them but they are part of the FP so I just try to stay as far away as I can but to this day they still freak me out. dam geese!!!
A friend of mine has gotten a couple of tickets at the Skokie Lagoons for being there too late. But as for Beck, I personally have never had a problem.

I was at Beck a couple of weeks ago and got back to my car just as the police were coming through. He did kindly let me know they were closing so no problem.

I wish the CCFPD would impose actual closing hours instead of sunrise-sunset. Think about it... May-October open 5am-11pm. At least for the fishing lake preserves. Wouldn't that be alot better?

When a new CC board pres is in place, perhaps we should write letters concerning this.
I always waited for the cop to call for me from his loud speaker and then i head in from the lake with my boat.
They were always cool to me.
At Beck that is.
What they seem to miss is that sometimes the best fishing is from 'sunset'
to say 10:00pm in the summer. My wife grew up in the UP of Michigan
The sun in July sets at 10:00pm it's still light till 10:30. We go up there every year (15 years now)and on the 4th they have to wait until 10:40 to start the fireworks. Night fishing is rare around here but it is fun. + a full moon? Now........ with a full moon would you go with a dark lure or light?

another topic for another day
Perhaps the sunrise-sunset thing is a throwback to the 70's when highschool stoners were hanging out smoking 'weed' there?
Yeah, I think its more for the illegal activity more than anything. The trollers and the druggies. You would think most of the CCFP police would be cool. You would figure that they are sportsmen to work a job like that. Its definitely not for the pay. :roll:

Augy the cut backs are the result of that guy they call Jago. :twisted:
Me and Culprit have been on Beck when it was dark and been trow off they turn there lights on and ask us to leve they don't even get out of the car
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