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Fishing Report 8-15-2006

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Temps in the 80's slight East wind, clear sky 1:00pm to 4:00pm water murky

I thought I would give "The Glen" a try today. Is it me or is the water level very low there. Tried top water by the weeds (docks)and senko's (red, water mellon, pumpkin)noda You know the fish are not hitting if a senko can't get even a bite :cry: To tell ya the truth I was not impressed with the glen. The water just seemed to low. Where do you guys fish this lake?
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Seems every lake I fish is low this year.
the low dock between the 2 piers is a good spot and I also like the very south part of the lake its been very good to me.
poppers and senkos have worked well.
I tried the north side..I'll start in on the south side next time.... thanks Aris
I've had some nice luck there with large fatheads. If live bait is not your thing, I think that poppers and senkos are your best bet.
Yeah, it may not be the best lake... but it's close and it's all we got for during the week. You should give it another shot though, there are some nice fish in there.
i've had my share of skunks there mike. the evening bite is better. the bite has slowed down there considerably since earlier this summer. that lake sees a ton of pressure.

i got one 13-14incher last night and that was it. btw, Aris and I are officially on the glenview police afterhours fishing list. guess i can't fish there afterhours anymore. oh well.
The fishing has definitely slowed down. I went there this morning with some small fatheads and only managed one crappie. Augy is right, the fishing is usually better at night. I will try again tonight.
On the Glenview police afterhours fishing list? What happened?
cops came around 9:30 and asked us for ID's. he put us on some sort of list for anglers who were caught fishing afterhours. no biggy. i just won't get caught next time. he did ask for fishing licenses. a first for the glen that's for sure.
Wow, never thought that the police would do any kind of enforcement at The Glen. So what's "After-hours"? Is it 8:30pm?
8pm. but i've been heading over there almost every night so i knew eventually i would run into the law and become a lake glenview outlaw! yeehawww!
Dude... we usually start fishing 7-8pm... that sucks.
I've only once saw the cops come around the lake after 8 pm. It was last year when my son and I were out one night just after it got dark. A cop came around the lake in a squad car and shined his spot light across the lake at us. We packed up and left and he didn't hassle us. It looks like Augy added to his rap sheet.
I am sorry you guys got busted. It is probably my fault as I have called the cops alot asking them to increase their patrols because of the bucket boys keeping fish and fishing with no fishing license. Also the Glen is on it's way to becoming another Skokie Lagoons as far as the beer bottles, cans and other garbage that is left laying around. The fishing piers and the bridges both have slats missing. I fish the Glen with several other guys almost every morning. We spend alot of time picking up the garbage that is left behind by the folks visiting the Glen at night. Most of the stuff is not fishing related but there is alot of discarded fishing line and bait containers laying around. My biggest concern is that if things keep going
the way they are, the City of Glenview will try and restrict fishing at the Glen. I do not want to see this happen as I beleive the Glen is truly a great place to fish.
The fishing rules at the Glen basically suck. That being said, the rules are the rules. As responsible members of this forum the first thing we should do is follow the rules and set an example for those who don't. I agree with jungle jim's approach, I would love to see cops out there enforcing the rules before this lovely spot is restricted to Glenview residents only. The poaching and the vandalism that is going on is most likely happening at nite, therefore the more cops there at nite the better. We have to take the same proactive approach when see the rules not being followed by fellow fishermen. In a friendly way inform the person not obeying the rules of the posted signs. Do not get into an argument and if they feign ignorance of what you have told them or a language barrier, call the cops.
As long as we are on this subject, does anyone know why fishing is only allowed between May 15th and November 15th? I started fishing there earlier this year and wasn't hassled, but I don't know why they don't allow fishing the other 6 months of the year. I can understand them not wanting people out on the ice, but that only covers several of those months.
no worries jim. i'm all for it. just wish they would be consistent about it. i don't see the cops running out anyone else except guys fishing. crying out loud, we have couples f***ing their brains out on the pier, groups of messed up kids hanging out smoking anything that'll catch on fire and they want fishermen out of the park by 8??? phewie!

but i'm a lawful God fearing man and i respect the law (most of the time :wink: ) so i'm all for more patrols at the glen. it's about time really.
The only thing I can figure with the May 15th to November 15th deal is that they want to give the fish a chance to spawn. Also the closed season relieves some of the pressure that the place receives Think of how many fish would leave the Glen if the season were open longer. On the other hand I do think the Glen should be open earlier in the spring. The season could start when the schools have spring vacation. This year we had some really nice days in April and the kids could not legeally fish.
I agree Jim. I just think that it would make more sense if the lake were open from March 15th to December 1. You are right about the nice weather that we have been having in the spring. It sure would be nice to get out earlier in the year.
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