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Fishing Report 8-21-2006

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Tepms in the 80's wind 0-5 from the east Sky clear 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Stopped by Belleau today. Satarted up the west side throwing senk's pop-r and a jitter bug and only one hit. I was starting to think there were no big fish in the lake (I did see many tiny bass in the rocks near the shore so that's a good sign). I walked back to the west side by the south pool and caught a bluegill that was no bigger than the senko was. Then just as I was about to leave I hooked a nice 12" bass he hit the senko like a train then made one big jump. So I guess there are some fish in the lake.... :D
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I've never fished this lake since I thought that it was not worth my time. Thanks for the report.
Belleau is a very pretty little lake. The water is blue/clear and the drop-offs are huge. If you walk to the north end of the lake where it is shallow you'll see huge carp and goldfish.

I'd like to see a couple of us work Belleau a few times to see what the bass population really is like. After all, it is only 10 minutes from Axehead. Maybe i'll give it a go this week.

Thanks for the report Mike.
I was thinking of trying it too. I do have quite a few minnows left over from the Glen these past couple days...I might try Wednesday. It's a nice bike ride from my house.
It is a very hard lake to fish. Ultra lite tackle is a must with the clarity of the water and the pressure the lake recives. Smallies are stocked in there and I bet if you can cast far enough and get deep enough you could have some fun. Personally, I only fish it for trout in spring and fall with the rest of the meat fishermen.
The drop offs are covered with rocks. Maybe a good spot to try a crank bait..... run it allong the rocky drop offs...The north pool did have some carp floating around. I did also see a few fish jumping. So there are fish in there just not sure how many. There were about 8 people fishing today. One guy must have also caught a nice one because I heard all his buddies going wild at one point. I was to far away to see what he caught.

I caught the bass on the first twitch after letting it hit the bottom.
Set up was a wacky rigged pumpkin /w black & green flake (#196)

I'll be there every Monday for the next 2months if you want to come out.

My son has football practice at northwest park and like the good dad I am
instead of watching a 2 hour practice :roll: (I have never missed a game though)

I go fishing :wink:
Alrighty then, Monday's at Belleau it is. What time is practice/fishing?
Phil, i've also taken my bike from Niles to Belleau. Where in Niles are you?
You're an easy bike ride from Belleau. I'm by Devon and Milwaukee. About 23 minutes by bike (Touhy to Busse Rd to Belleau Lake).

Though I may fish there before then, I say we make next Monday (August 28th) a mini-WCF evening outing at Belleau. Who's in? Come on guys, we've made Axehead, Glen, and Deep Lake productive. Let's give Belleau a shot!

I won't be able to go. Weekends are good for me.
I've been looking into lures for Belleau. I think that if there are some deep water bass in there, we should really try something like a jigging spoon...something like a 1/2 oz Hopkins Shorty.
Jason I'll be there from 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Mondays aren't good for me, since I work late. I may go there tomorrow to give it a try.
I might make it after work, I dont expect much from this lake but if a bunch of us hit it we just might do well. Also I read that they have smallies in there also, but I will believe it when I see it.
phil said:
I've been looking into lures for Belleau. I think that if there are some deep water bass in there, we should really try something like a jigging spoon...something like a 1/2 oz Hopkins Shorty.
heh-heh... there's that top 50 lure article cited again! =P Glad someone is doing their homework though.
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