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Fishing report 8-7-2006

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Temps low 80's NE wind 5-10 7:00 to 7:45pm slightly cloudy.

Quick trip over to Axehead. Managed 2 bass 8 and 9" both caught on
the south east side with pumpkin senkos wacky rigged. This bait is quickly becoming my favorite. Now if I can just manage to catch more than one fish per senko. Each time I land a fish the senko is gone. Oh well..better to lose an senko than getting skunked :D
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Yes, Senko's do catch fish but they are usually quite often 1 fish wonders. Thanks for the report.
I forgot to ask you if you have ever tried them wacky rigged? I haven't, but supposedly they will allow you to catch more than one fish each.
Each time in the last 7 fish the senko was gone. Caught 4 bass at Deep Lake this weekend on senkos and lost 4 senkos. I have tried the short (throught the midded) and long version of the wacky rig but each time the senko was gone when the fish was in the boat. So 10 senkos per pack = 10 fish .68 cents per catch. Still better than no fish and 10 senkos still in the package :D
Mike... how were the weeds at Axehead?

The weeds a few feet out were MUCH less. What ever they did worked :cry: Kind of the reason i went to the senko. Figured the bass may be deeper and just out side the weeds that were left
toothdoc, I've wacky rigged senkos and I think lost em every time. Usually for me it is the hook-through spot that tears. But I've started using a lighter to melt the torn area and fusing them back together. Works great to reuse same day/outing. They're just so flakey that any trauma shatters them apart. just the balance of salt and plastic i guess.

Pumkin were my favorites, but i've found the green/white laminate to be more consistent, at least at a close second and pumkin third.
when it comes to senkos

the number is the key

What number Top?
What I have heard that works well for wacky rigging, is not to even put the hook through the Senko. Rather put an O-ring around the middle of the Senko and then slip the hook between the O-ring and the Senko. I hope this makes sense.
901 & either 286 or 196, not sure which but they're not that different anyway.

the o-ring thing makes total sense, i had read that on another sight recommended here but didn't get it, you explained it very well, thanks!
I tried the oring. it cuts them in 1/2 also on a hard cast
If you go to this site, it will tell you everything that you ever wanted to know about Senkos. I haven't tried the O-ring, but I have used the small rubber bands that are used for orthodontic braces on teeth. I haven't had a problem with the Senko breaking. Usually when you have a fish on the Senko just slides up the line unharmed. ... 1121527643
I got a few orings and if you use two, one at each point of entry for a normal rigging, then the hook basically just sits alongside the senko. May work, we'll see. senkos just seem to lose their composition after a few dozen casts anyway, they just seem to get extra floppy from the salt melting away a bit in the water.
ortho bands.... I have not tried and since I spent the $$ for the
teeth the least I can get out of it was the bands. I'll have to try
some sort of plastic/rubber tubing cut in 1/4" pieces should work better than o-rings. maybe we should put our heads together and start selling wacky rig kits for soft plastics. call it the Wack-O-Ring. :mrgreen:
rubber tube would work or make a small "leash" .......a piece of braided line..... tied from the hook back to the oring so if you toss the oring off the hook it will not fly away.


hard to draw but you get the idea
If you go on E-bay there are places that sell the O-rings and a metal thing that you insert the Senko into to help put the O-ring on with. I just found it easier to use the ortho rubber bands and they are cheaper too.
this should do it Augy

3/8" Clear Heat Shrinkable Tubing

How fat is a senko? 3/8 1/2 ? any one got one handy
BassCaster said:
this should do it Augy

3/8" Clear Heat Shrinkable Tubing

How fat is a senko? 3/8 1/2 ? any one got one handy
hold on...let me just take out my emergency senko out of my wallet.....

shrink tubing, even better. a nice tight hold of that senko.
what don't carry a senko to work
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