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fishing report for 7-23-06

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fished from 5:45pm until 8:30pm. used mostly plum dance worm w/white tail. caught 6 small lmbass. most around 10"-12". they really came alive as soon as the sun went behind the trees about 8pm. had about 7 more strikes in 10 minutes. lost one good sized lm right by the shore and missed the others. i've worked the whole shoreline now and seem to have the best results on the west side at sundown. i work about 6 blocks away and try to get out every other night or so. if anyone is out there, look for the young guy with the gray hair, that's me. say hi. i'd like to meet other fisherman from this sight. keep castin'
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I'll be out there tonight ..Funny you said you get most of your catches on the west side. I get all mine on the east side :) I wear a red hat
do you guys have any luck in the AM hours at all?
very early 6 to 7 am I have caught some bass. Once the sun get up to high 9 to 12ish it's lights out for the bass. I have tried a few times in the late afternoon and no luck. Evenings 6:30 to 8:30pm is the best time I have found so far. I bring 5 lures a 4.5 slug-go ,jitter bug, buzz bait, a chatter bait and a senko. Not to many skunks this year when fishing at dusk.
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