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FISHING REPORT -Thursday May 8, 2008

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:!: WHACKED 'EM!!! I, Alex aka Skippy la "DOUCHE BAG" Caught 5 Bass 4 of which were great JIG -n- PIG (in GNARLY WOOD :p ) Fish (14.5, 16, 17, 18.5 inch), a squeeeela 10 incher on a crank bait... . Water is warming nicely 60 +/- 4 degrees depending on locale..., but has FALLEN big time from last week, due, I believe, to the Willow Dam gates being wide open for the construction (SUX ASS, and a VERY HALF-ASSED job so far...but I digress...), it fell 4 inches while we were there!. Nevertheless! The BIG fish are TIGHT to the bank at the base of stumps and root balls, the small fish out a bit more. My buddy Steve-O caught 3 fish 12-14 inchers out from the bank on moving baits. Remember!! HEAVY action BAITCASTERS w/ MINIMUM!! 15 lb test(20 lb Fluorocarbon,or P-Line CXX is WAAAAAAAY better...), PALOMAR knots , SHAAAAAAAARP Hooks(buy a file already DAMNIT, bring it with you, and U-S-E IT!!!!!) - (Sorry,pix are on Steve's disposable camera... I GOTTA buy a cheepo digital camera...buuuut, I think you already KNOW what I look like holding a big bass.... 8) :wink: -- Land the Big Ones, and then PUHLEEEEEEZE Let 'em Go.... THANKS!! - BE SAFE, Alex
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Which pool were you in Skippy?
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