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Well, after spending the last week or so in various small pubs in Germany, drank only a couple of these: :wink:

Though while in Germany, we stayed at a resort on the biggest lake in the country, and guess what! No gas engines allowed on the water. :shock: :shock: A lake almost twice the size of Geneva, and no gas powered boats!! Holy Shiite!! Nice place to visit, but I sure would not want to live there! Thank God for the good old U S of A!!!

So, I finally got my arse back on the water this morning. Only had a few hours, so kept it small and local out of the canoe, flying solo (once again).

Day started off slow, there was no wind, and the water was a sheet of glass. took a while, but I managed to pop a couple small ones with various presentations, Small spinnerbait, Senko, and Texas Rig worm. Nothing worth braggin about, but it still felt good to get out and fish from my hiatus in a far away land. After a coupla hours, the wind picked up just a bit, and since nothin else was working for me, I tied on a Horny Toad, and parked it in the middle of the main lake weeds. Well, 2 casts in, a nice burst right by the boat, actually knocking my bait out of the water and into my lap! :lol: Then second cast caught the guy, an nice 15"er. Day is looking better already 8)

So a few more casts, and I heard a depth charge go off! :shock:

So, about 20 minutes, and a fresh pair of underwear later......Kaploosh!

This one still had sore spots from the spawn on the tail and fins.

Picked up another dink 14"er after that, and promptly ended the day with the biggest backlash I've ever had with braid... :x

All in all, a good day back in the saddle. Water temps varied from 68-73 degrees. All the feesh were caught on outside weed line edges for the most part, or holes in the cover. They were all relating to some thick azz stuff.

Good to be back!

Mit Freundlichen Gruben!

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