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Foster report 4-10-06

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Fished by the dam south of Foster Ave this afternoon. Caught an 11" crappie on the first cast with a rooster-tail spinnerbait.

Also caught 12" LM bass and another crappie (10"), both on the same spinnerbait.

Saw two other guys there catch about 10 LM bass in the 12-15" range between them. They were using plastic baits. I tried some plastics for a while, but didn't have the patience/skill for it. I'm going to keep on trying though.

Btw, was that you, Jason, on the west shore behind the football field? I couldn't be sure with the sun in my eye, and I had to leave.
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That was me alright, Fan! Myself and Jason Napodano were working the "main point" for about an hour and a half from 5:45-7:15pm. JNap got a 14" largemouth bass on a soft plastic as well as a beauty 11" crappie. I managed a 10" bass and a couple of nice bluegill on nightcrawlers.

This certainly would have been the time to use an ultralight with a jig and waxworm because the bluegill were VERY active and hitting everything we threw.

A WCF outing and we didn't even know it! :D
I was going to surprise yous and show up there but work kept me away. Good to know the fish are getting more active. Good job guys.
nice report !!

I was out yesturday aswell.... Didn't see any of you out there.... Maybe differant times... Not sure went i went. The girl friend went to france... Took the camera with her, she just got back today.. So I'll Report out for ya guys tommorow... Where ever i head.

Where you over there today braves fan.. ??

throwing what looked to either be a gold rooster tail or gold spoon... ?

Well... Seeya around.... Good job out there :D


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Thanks George. Yep, that was me out there again this afternoon. I bet you were the one with the bike; next time I'll know to say hey. I managed to catch one crappie, one pumpkin seed, and three LM bass (around 10", 12", and 13"). The crappie was on a small jig, and the rest were caught on rooster-tails. Didn't take any pictures because wasn't planning to fish today.

The wind was really strong today, so I called it quits at around 4:45pm. I saw one guy fishing on the western wall catch a nice carp that must have been at least 10-15 lbs. Made me think of the monster carps that George caught last season.

See y'all out on the waters :)
Great job braves fan !!

My internet access is limited so instead of daily reports i'm leaving you guys with monthly summeries...

so far good month including a 14" crappie.

girlfriends doing really well two with two 50 + fish dAYS !!


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