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Fished the river south of Foster Ave yesterday from about 5 to 7, using rooster tail spinners and crappie tubes on jigs. Caught about 7-8 bluegills and pumpkin seeds, a couple of LM bass around 12", and a healthy looking crappie that was 10". Sorry, didn't take pics. My quest for a 3 pound (or 17-18") LM bass from the river continues... :)

By the way, I saw a LM bass around 15-16" taken on a chartuese tandem spinner by someone fishing on the wall (south of the waterfall). Two second later, saw what looked to be light colored carp, at least 20", jump completely out of the water in the middle of the river. I hope it wasn't one of those jumping asian carps ()

Good luck to everyone at Heidecke tomorrow; sorry I won't be able to join y'all.


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Nice report...

Was out there today and Caught 5 Large mouth.. tough bite for me out there... copying my report from theother site and posting inot here...

Today was an Online tournament for bass....

Have to have todays paper in picture.. 5am-5pm....

Largest length wins...

Tape measurer has tro be big enough to be seen in the picture...

only illinois body of water..

had fun..

but only 12" qualifyer....

which is the minimum length to qualify...

Oh well had fun..

But tough bite .. sheeze...


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