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We were on the water by 12:30. For the 1st time in years I actually beat my buddy there.

Unlike our usual pattern instead of heading up Bass Alley we headed east from the launch and fished the south shore both of us throwing buzzbaits (what else is new?) After hitting the point he split off to fish the hump between Cormorant Island and the launch while I continued following the shore around to the dam from the south pool.

At the dam I switched to a swimbait in the hopes the fish might be deeper. Neither the buzzbait nor the swimbait proved productive so I switch again, this time to a jig. Still nothing. My buddy caught up and we sat in a shaddy spot discussing our plans for our trip to No WI in a couple weeks. An Osprey landed in a tree on Wild Goose Island. It sat there until a Redtail came by chasing a Green Heron. The Heron won the race and the hawk - maybe in frustration dove at the Osprey. The Osprey took off but swooped at the hawk several times trying to chase it off its perch. The hawk clearly didn't care - it didn't move. Finally the Osprey left.

We paddled across to the little bay south of Rambler's Governor cove. My buddy caught his first along the weed line just west of the bay - probably 11 - 12". Nice fish. A bit later I had a hit but whiffed on it. BTW - I'd switched back to a buzzbait with a green pumpkin skirt. A few cast later and WHAM! - a huge hit and an equally huge fight. The bass tried swimming under my boat but I finally pulled it in. Measured against my rod it was 14". Probably close to 3 lbs. This was at about 5:15.

My buddy caught another - about the size of my fish. It seemed like the even bite was on. But the action died down for 45 minutes or so. Then my buddy caught his 3rd and shortly after that I hooked another. Another great fight - this one measured 14.5". Things were looking up.

I paddled into Rambler's Governor Cove for dinner. Afterwards I started casting again. Another hit and an even better fight. This one was around 16". Might have been 4 lbs. Biggest bass of the year so far. There were 2 guys carp fishing on the shore - they got pretty excited about the fish.

As I was paddling out of the cove they yelled at me to come back. I couldn't hear what they were saying so I paddled back. A carp had grabbed their bait and pulled their rod into the water. It was floating a good 25 feet from shore. Took a good 15 minutes to free it from all the weeds tangled on it - probably 10 - 15 lbs of the crap. I finally got it free - helped big time that it was spooled with what was probably 25 lb mono. Took it back to them & went on my way.

Along the north shore east of Cormorant Island I had another hit. This time it hit before the bait came to the surface. I thought I had weeds so didn't really set the hook. It was another monster that jumped and spat the hook. Well, shit. Then finally, another hit. This one was about the size of the bass I catch on Salt Creek. Told it to go grow up when I tossed it back.

My buddy caught his 4th on the south side of Cormorant Island. Another great day at Busse.
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