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Fox 11/04/06

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I ventured into my new found honey hole from about 8-11. Fished timber and slack water with jig and minnow under a slip bobber. It proved productive again. This could have easily been a 20 fish day but my mini mite hook kept failing. (for the price of these things the hooks arent too strong.) Once I changed to another jig I managed to land 2 Nice Crappies (12" 10") and 1 LMB before the bite died.

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Looks like a nice place to fish. Thanks for the report! :D
U sure found a nice honey hole Mr.B

Those r some nice fish !
Nice fish Mr B like they said looks like you found a honey hole
Fishing a spot like that on a river such as the Fox is certainly the way to go this time of year. Nice fish, MrB.
Way to go MRB. You gotta get Coyote out there too 8)
Nce crappie. I wish I hit up Busse for crappie in October. I heard the bite was real good.
nice fish! how are u taking the pics? tripod?
Augy said:
nice fish! how are u taking the pics? tripod?
Stump, and using the timer on the camera.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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