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Fox 11/18/06 (The reason I never showed at the WWD)

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Got out to the fox again around 8 and the day started out great with a nice 11" crappie on the first cast. Bite was sporadic and very light managed two dink LMB. After that, I decided before I go meet up with the WCF crew to hit another spot for a few. The crappie bite was non-existent. I started throwing a storm swim shad and got a big hit and lost it. Next cast hit again fought it for a good 5 min then my lure came back at me. Hoping that the third time would be a charm, I casted for another 5 minutes with nothing. I this point I am thinking that these are snagged carp. Then I get another hit. Hook up again and low and behold its a huge pike! 30+ This SOB jumps and I effin' lose him again. :evil:

Sorry I need to vent but WTF? I hooked this fish 3 times and never was able to land him, each time I set the hook with more authority but still came up short. This has been the story of my fishing season this year, I hook up with something big then get overpowered and lose it. :evil: I spent the rest of the day trying to coax him into biting with two 20"+ snagged carp to show for it. :(

Heres the pics:

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Now we know we you didn't show up at the WWD. Looks like you had more fun than we did. Thanks for the report MrB!
Im kinda sulking right now, how'd u guys do?
nice job mrB.. sorry to hear about the lost pike

You guys did much better than me, I got the big skunk fishin two ponds kind of near gurnee mills, then later hit up bass pro shops and spent money i shouldnt have spent............ :?
Nice job MrB !

Better luck next time Tim !
Yeah, Tim you got to go to my favorite store. Aris and I were talking that we need to do a group outing there sometime. Maybe over the winter or early spring.
MrB is really a good fishman!
toothdoc, what's ur favorite store? or were you talkin about bps, lol. I'm a bit confused... spent the day messin around with my lures in my room rather than typin up this giant research paper due on monday........
Sorry, I meant to say that BPS is my favorite store.
Nice job Mr B I think your gonna take the crown this month
Sorry we missed ya at wwd MrB. Looks like you had a decent outing tho.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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