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Got out to the fox again around 8 and the day started out great with a nice 11" crappie on the first cast. Bite was sporadic and very light managed two dink LMB. After that, I decided before I go meet up with the WCF crew to hit another spot for a few. The crappie bite was non-existent. I started throwing a storm swim shad and got a big hit and lost it. Next cast hit again fought it for a good 5 min then my lure came back at me. Hoping that the third time would be a charm, I casted for another 5 minutes with nothing. I this point I am thinking that these are snagged carp. Then I get another hit. Hook up again and low and behold its a huge pike! 30+ This SOB jumps and I effin' lose him again. :evil:

Sorry I need to vent but WTF? I hooked this fish 3 times and never was able to land him, each time I set the hook with more authority but still came up short. This has been the story of my fishing season this year, I hook up with something big then get overpowered and lose it. :evil: I spent the rest of the day trying to coax him into biting with two 20"+ snagged carp to show for it. :(

Heres the pics:

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