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Fox Chain 4/29

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Hit up the Chain today for my annual trip with JD of JD spinners guide service. Action started off slow and there were tons of boats on the water. 2 bass tournaments, 1 walleye, and 1 muskie tournament, not to mention all the pleasure cruisers with big arse boats. We cruised the back channels looking for higher water temps and current. After sporadic fishing most of the day we finally hit paydirt and ended up with some nice eyes. Totals were 8 eyes (5 legal) plus a good mix of channel cats, largemouth, gills, drum, and white bass. For fun we like to keep track and we ended up with a rough estimate of 54 fish with plenty others missed and lost boatside. Quite the day as we went through 3 tubs of worms and 4 dozen large fatheads. JD took the pics and I will try to post some when he gets them to me.
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Sounds like you had a good day out there Matt. We are looking forward to some pics.
sounds like a great day,but never ever hit the chain on a weekend lol
Matt sounds like it really turned on after i talked to you, sounds like a great day. Cant wait for pics im leaving right now for some chain action. Ill be looking more for some big craps but will take whatever is biting, hope i have half as much luck as you did. How did those drum taste did you grill them or pan fry :D
Culprit said:
sounds like a great day,but never ever hit the chain on a weekend lol
The great thing about JD is that he grew up on the Chain. He knows every creek and every channel, so we never got interuped by any other boats. We only fished one main lake spot the whole day, which was nice. Temps were around 57-58 in the back channels to start the day and warmed up to 64 in some places by late afternoon. Probably why the fishing turned on like it did.

I don't see any reports from JD yet. We may have had 1 too many drinks in the Spinner Lounge last night. When he gets some pics up, I will post them.

Mike, we caught so many drum it was crazy. If you like to eat them, you would never go hungry. Good luck out there today. Hope you do well.
i'd say that was a successful day of fishing!
Nice job dude. Sound like you and JD killed'em. That JD Knows his stuff...might have to hook up with him.
54 fish, Nice job Matt! It seems like the fishing is starting to heat up. WI here I come!
The first couple eyes were small, but they progressivly got nicer

Caught a few bass and lost a really nice one at the boat

The drum were really active and hanging out in the same areas as the walleye. Plenty of illusions of grandeur as we were hoping walleye only to pull these guys in the boat

Later in the day the cats picked up too.

I want to thank JD for the awesome outing. If any of you ever want to hit the Chain, JD's prices are very reasonable and he knows his stuff. He grew up on the Chain and knows every inch. I have a good time just listening to him tell stories and talk about Chain history. If you are worried about boat traffic, that is not much of an issue either. Most of the places we fished today we did not see another soul at. To me, that is very impressive considering there were 4 tournaments going on.
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Good stuff Matt! Thanks for the pics.
ya id definately say those eyes got progressively bigger :D nice bunch of fish matt!!!
Sweet pics matt. Sounds like you got on some good spots!
Nice group of fish matt! How big was the LMB?
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