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I'll share my stories since the DNR are getting a bad rap on here.

1) Pulled over on Sturgeon Bay- DNR was cool and even gave me some spots to try. No problems.
2) Checked on Paw Paw Lake- DNR gave me the weather report. No problems.
3) Checked by the Coast Guard on the Cal Sag- No Problems.
4) Checked by the DNR on the Cal Sag- Given a WARNING for uncovered terminals, an expired fire extinguisher and no whistle. I felt very grateful and lucky.
5) Checked-on by the DNR on a northern Michigan lake while playing drinking games on a pontoon boat while in college. He could of hauled all of us in if he wanted. I felt lucky that day.
6) Checked-on by the DNR in Michigan at a Lake Michigan beach after a night of bonfires and beer drinking. Was told to clean up our mess and go home. I felt lucky that day.

Also, I have never been hastled when monitored by local sheriffs on the water. Now I realize that there are jerks out there and some guys get messed with. One of my fishing buddies is a black guy and I know he has gotten hastled with especially on Lake Geneva. Overall, I treat them with respect and have not gotten into trouble. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.
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