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Here's a late report from a two day outing on the Fox Chain: Saturday 5/3 and Monday 5/5.

On Saturday, four of us went musky fishing with two guides/two boats. We fished Lake Catherine, focusing on Musky the entire time. The weather started off really nice, but the wind and rain came in, and it made for a pretty rough day on the water. I managed to land this little guy on a perch-color Bucher Straight Shallow Raider in the early morning before the weather turned.

That was the only fish landed on our boat. We did get several swipes and strikes, and lots of follows. The baits that generated the most interest were Musky Magic Slidin Shads in perch color, and Musky Magic Slip Sliders in a natural walleye color. My brother got a follow right to the boat from what looked like a 40+" Musky on the walleye slip-slider. The other boat picked up two small ones similar to mine above on the perch color Slidin Shad, but they didn't get any pics.

Three of us went back Monday for more musky hunting, and little bass fishing. The morning musky bite was quiet. We sighted a monster that looked to be in the mid to upper 40's in a shady cove…we're not sure if he had followed one of our baits in to the boat or if we just got lucky and almost drifted right on top of him. In any case he wasn't interested in what we were throwin'. Besides a couple follows, the morning wasn't productive. We spent mid-day hunting bass in coves and in the channel between Catherine and Marie. My buddy Rob managed to pick up this guy in one of the coves on a classic black/gold floating Rapala.

In the early afternoon we went back to Musky fishing, concentrating on a flat that the guides had advised us on. Rob hooked a small one, probably 22" or 23", but she shook off right at the boat. My brother Joe was working that walleye-colored slip slider and to our surprised managed to pick up an aggressive walleye. We were pretty surprised he hit a bait that big.

We had to get off the water around 2 for some family commitments, but all in all it was a fun weekend of fishing.
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