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Fox Conditions Report 6/23/2006

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The water temperature was 74 degrees again this morning. The water level has come up 5"-6" since the rain but it is on its way back down and is starting to clear a little.
Black 3" Powerbait Walleye Grubs and Rebel Crawfish are working well for Smallies. I have also been having success with a night crawler under a light float in the eddies for multiple species.
It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend to be outside!! Good Luck! 8)
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Thanks for the report guys! I'm gonna try to get out there this weekend.
Had two guided trips over the past week. Smallie's have been a lil tough on artificials but are hitting large fatheads drifted in the current, mepps spiiners and smaller cranks like the rebel wee craw. One of my guidee's on Sunday hooked into a Northern/Muskie over 36 inches on a 7wt fly rod using a craw pattern fly. I have some pictures to put up when I find the time :)
northern/muskie? does that mean tiger musky???
couldn't tell which it was from 15 ft away when it came up but he had it on for a few seconds before his line was wafing in the wind.
sweet pain man. to know you had on a northern or musky and lose her, ouch.
lol, it wasn't even me that had it on it was the gentleman I was guiding. He had a 7wt fly rod with a mono tippet, looked like a decent set up. The killer is, when we were talking about the trip beforehand I told him there was a 50/50 chance we'd run into an esox so he had "toothy critter" tippet's with him just not on the end of his pole at the right time. Needless to say we didnt leave the spot for the rest of the trip. I know the feeling and I do the exact same thing................always see if he wants to play some more. About 5-6 years ago I was at the mouth of mill throwing a blaze orange spoon fishing for bass. I got nailed and got bit off. That just so happened to be the last blaze orange spoon I had and after trying a few other baits I knew the only bait that fish was gonna hit was anothe blaze orange spoon. I jumped in the car and ran to sports authority to get another one just like it as I had purcahsed the first one here as well(this was right before gander mountain opened in geneva & BBT was a popcorn stand). So I get back down to the exact same spot, heavy gear in hand, and wasn't more than the second or third cast was a 36in(?) northern with two of the exact same spoons hanging out of his mouth :shock: Sometimes for whatever reason they'll only hit one thing.................but boy 'o boy did he hit it :D
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i've caught so many fish where i didn't hookup initially and tossed it right back and got it. it's funny, when they want it, they want it.
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