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With having limited time and limited results looking for the Crappies and Gills on the fox so far. All the usual spots havent been producing so been doing some recon. Got out with my buddy for a few in a new area and results werent great he got 3 dink white bass and I got one small gill. Tried three more places with the ole skunkola. He had to jet so on my way home I decided to hit an area I google earthed some time ago. First cast I thought I had a mongo crappie on but was a LMB. The fish where stacked in this area I stopped counting after 20, gills were fat and crappie not the biggest. The fish were taken on a chartreuse mini mite and waxworm under a float. They where only holding in about an 5'x5' area. I wouldnt get anything once I moved out of the zone. Stayed for 2hrs then had to get home and do some daddy duties.

Heres Pics:

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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