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Fox Report 07/07/06

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Waded the fox today with a friend from about 11-3 around algonquin thru elgin. Water is low and loaded with those mayflies or whatever they are. My buddy hooked & lost 3 sm SMB at his feet and landed two small guys. I got a sm channel cat and 3 small smb. Pretty slow day but we figured with all those bugs out there they have plenty of food, why chase what we are throwing? Still had a good time out there. :p No fish were worthy of fighting to get the camera out of the ziplock today :cry:
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Always good to be out, fish are the bonus. From my experience this year and from those I talk to that fish the fox regularly it's been the slowest year anyone can remember. I've noticed more people fishing in areas where, even as recent as last year, I wouldn't run into another fisherman all day. More people brings more fisherman + same amount of fish = more fish with sore mouths' who aren't as interested in having their picture taken :D

What kind of baits were you guys throwing?
Oh sorry I didnt mention, I was using inline spinners and my buddy was using jig and blk twister.
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