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The river temperature was a chilly 50º this morning. The water level is down at least 6" from last Friday's post but it is still moving pretty fast. Water clarity has improved greatly however, with visibilities in the 12"- 16" range.

A White Curly Tail Grub with a White Jig Head is the artificial lure of choice for smallies and walleyes. However, with the water temperature being 50º, live bait may be a better choice for more bites. Large and Extra Large Fathead Minnows are the bait of choice for the week.

With the cold weather upon us, try out the Take One Minnow Trap. It's more convenient than a regular minnow net and your hands won't get as wet when it's time to re-bait. It looks like a gimmick item but it works great!!

Good luck out there and stay warm!
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