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Fox River Conditions 10-6-2006

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The water temperature was 61º this morning. The river is up and moving fast. It is up at least 12"-16" from last Friday's posting. The river has crested however and is on its way back down. Water clarity is very poor with visibilities in the 6"-8" range with a lot of leaves and debris in the water.

Large or Extra Large Fathead Minnows are the bait of choice for most of our anglers. However, Medium Golden Roaches are still working as well.

White is still the color of choice for artificial lures. The 3" Powerbait Power Grub is still a favorite. The Charlie Brewer Slider 1 ½" Grub in Catapiller and White/Chartreuse are also hot items.

Smallmouth Bass are looking for relief from the current, try casting close to shore or any where the current breaks. Walleyes however, are staying in the fast current. Try drop- shoting or a jig head in the fast current.

8) It looks like it is going to be a dry and sunny weekend for a change so get out there and catch some fish while you can! :wink: Good Luck!
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Some really decent action the other day. I was dissappointed not catching anything over 17 but the bright side was smallest of the day being a 14. Medium roaches on a jig was the only thing I threw all day long, over a dozen smallies 2 walleye and a catfish for 3 hours on the water. Jason from batavia bait shop actually came down to the river where I was fishing and took a picture of a nice 16 I had just caught. Every fish I caught was relating to an obstruction in the current, not one came from the slack area's as I had expected.

As you can see by my vest the water levels are extremely high and very dangerous. With water temps getting to the low 60's this is not the time of year to explore an area for the first time unless you don't mind it being your last. Always fish with a buddy, it's safer and more fun anyway.
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