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Fox River Fishing Report: 10-13-07

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Another Saturday on the Fox River. Fished the Batavia area from 3pm-6:15pm; overcast; temps in the upper 50's, light winds.

Water was considerably lower than previous weeks. And the record warm temps early in the week have given way to much cooler/seasonable temps the past couple of days.

Worked jigs with minnows and only managed 3 total fish between the both of us. I got a skinny 14" smallmouth bass 10 minutes into the outing. That would be it for me. Alex (skippy69) got a beauty 15" fat smallmouth bass and another 8" smallie right before we left.

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Thanks for the report Jay. Sounds like you guys had a tuff day on the fox. Hey at least you guys didnt get skunked. Great looking fish and healthy. Nice job guys :lol: !
Thanks for the report Jason. Hey Alex, nice smallie man!
It looks like somebody is getting addicted to that smallie fishing. Good job out there guys!
Good job out there in the bad weather. At least you didn't get skunked like I did today. :D :D
hey, not bad man, i fished the dam caught a few LMB but nothing worth keeping. Then i went out wading to get my lure back that i lost... haha it was so cold... then best part about it somones line snagged my leg and i got triped up and feel in :lol:
Nice fish guys :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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