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Fished the Batavia/North Aurora area today from 2:30pm-6pm. Temps in the low 60's; mix of sun and clouds, light winds.

Was hoping for a good smallmouth bass day. Started with the trusty jig and minnow combo that has produced so well the last couple of years. Only managed a small walleye of about 8". My first walleye from the Fox River. Then I switched to a gold Shad Master and quickly picked up a 16" northern pike. Again, a first for me from the Fox River. Then got a couple of smallmouth bass of 10" and 12". Finally casted a yellow spinnerbait and landed a feisty 15" smallmouth bass.

Got the trifecta in species so that was cool. But could not establish a pattern or get on consistent fish. But wound up being a decent day nonetheless.

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