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Fox River Fishing Report: 8-6-06

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Got out on the Fox River in the western suburbs with JNap and Edai2000 for some smallmouth bass fishing.

Temps in the 80's; mix of sun and clouds; south winds 10-15mph; fished from 4:15pm-8pm.

Between the 3 of us, we picked up 15 smallmouth bass with several 14"-18". Used JNap custom tinsel jigs with fathead minnows. Great outing!

JNap 10 smallmouth bass (big fish 18+")
Eric 3 smallmouth bass (big fish 14+")
JasonN 2 smallmouth bass (big fish 17")

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Damn, I wish I would've known I'd came with.

nice fish guys!!
man i wanna catch a smallmouth bass :cry: , hopefully i can get out to a place and fish forthem before the seasons over...nice fish guys
Had a great time. We'll get out again in mid-late sept and bring the musky gear :shock:

Roleplaya............smallies aren't exclusive to the Fox. The Kankakee river has more big smallmouth than any other river in Il in my opinion and the harbors along the lakefront are loaded with them at times.
Dam I would have like to have gone I am right here near the fox Im in on some muskie action Let me know Guy's By the way DAMMMMMM nice Smallies
Nice smallies guys. I think that they are my favorite fish to catch. I caught 18 of them the end of July when I was up in Door County.
sneaking off like that to catch fish....nice!!
Man, for those fish, I would have waded into the water without waders too :lol: Great looking fish, guys!
I was just glad everybody caught a few and not just one or two of us.

Augy you ought to try sneaking up on them with me sometime, it's the best :lol:................. still an open invite for ya when you have the time
right on! just give me a call when you head out next.
Nice fish guys. Hoping to hit the river in Batavia this weekend. We have a company picnic nearby. I just may have to slip away from the wife and kiddies to wet a line!!!![/quote]
Tensel jig was sure the ticket there. They are some good size small mouths. Nice job!!!!
My buddy Neil and I want to wade the fox this weekend !

I need directions though if anyone may help



1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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